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  The value of 'junk' mail
  The value of 'junk' mail  

Junk mail, or home delivered printed advertising, has been hotly debated over the years. Reports from Roy Morgan research indicate that not only do Australians still enjoy receiving letterbox drops, 70% of them actively read them. Still, there are a percentage of consumers who use ‘No Junk Mail’ stickers and actively discourage letterbox drops. Consumer annoyance is firmly directed at the large corporations for filling letterboxes with multiple brochures per week, in spite of readers unsubscribing. However, enforcing a blanket ban on all letterbox drops is in fact hitting small and medium business at the heart.

What are the benefits of printed advertising to the consumer and the advertiser?

Small and medium business is important to a community on many levels. Teenage children working in their first jobs are often employed by local shops, department stores, fast food restaurants and family businesses. Those are the very companies that rely on delivered printed advertising. While some of the larger companies will also invest in digital communication, the budget of smaller operations is often too small to compete. These small local businesses may one day be the first/part time job that YOUR child, or someone who is important to you is looking for. That seemingly harmless, helpful “no junk mail” sticker on your mailbox may be narrowing opportunity for that employment?

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First Print Digital DL flyers

Concepts To Connect DL flyers
DL Flyers are a great mailout size


Flyers and brochures come in all shapes and sizes. The DL flyer (99mm wide x 210mm high) is the perfect size for a mailout.

Designed by our in-house agency, these flyers are printed on a heavyweight stock in full colour. They are eye-catching, dynamic and easy to deliver by hand or post.

This size offers enough room to announce your latest offer, price list or special event and can be used for every occasion.

We also offer customisation, each flyer can be individually addressed. This is perfect for invitaions or special member offers.

Contact to discuss how we can help you for your next mailout.


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  Do you understand your customer?

Here are 10 questions that can help you determine whether you have a target market and what it is:

Who would pay for my product or service?

First, try to understand the problem that your product or service can solve, says Greg Habstritt, founder of, an Alberta, Canada-based advice website for small-business owners. Then, use that information to help determine who would be willing to pay for a solution. "Not only do [your potential customers] need to have the problem, but they need to be aware they have the problem," Habstritt says. He recommends using Google's keyword tool to see how many people are searching for words related to your business idea.

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  Myths and facts  

MYTH: Electronic communication is eco friendly and printing is not.


FACT: A typical year of inbound email equals 135kg of CO2. This it the equivalent of printing 1.1 million sheets of paper.


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