Faces of First Print - Michelle Fish

2 Feb 2015 5:00 AMFirst Print
Faces of First Print - Michelle Fish

Meet the faces behind First Print with our staff profiles. This week our friendly Receptionist - Michelle Fish.

Name: Michelle Fish

Job Title: Receptionist at First Print

A little about me: Married... to a Printer, of all things. One son (25 yrs old).

Where were you born? Auckland, New Zealand.

What was your first job? Looking after my younger brother, Johnny. The Armed Forces couldn’t of controlled him, I don’t know why they thought I could.

What did you want to be when you grew up? Receptionist at First Print.

What is your favourite PMS Colour? 185 Red.

What’s your dream holiday? Same as Carol’s: “Sailing around the Greek Islands on a fully staffed huge boat” but add, “fully stocked!”

What or who inspires you? The strength of ordinary people when faced with a horrific situation. Denise and Bruce Morcombe: They have stayed focused, dignified and dedicated for so many years, whilst absorbing unfathomable pain. Makes you take stock and appreciate what is important.

My career journey… Long and varied, predominately in the printing industry. Partnered in a Print Shop with my husband for 13 years (yes, still together!!), then spent a number of years running motels in North Queensland, which in turn gave me a renewed appreciation for the Gold Coast. It has it all, a great place to live, work and play.

Things I enjoy about my job: I love meeting and greeting people, either at the front counter or on the phone. We are fortunate in that we have some wonderful customers who genuinely appreciate the effort we put in to providing the service they require. We are a busy little Printing Company and I enjoy the fast pace and varied work. But, first and foremost, we have a great team of people here at First Print and I thoroughly enjoy being a part of that.

Interesting fact: I am actually a lot taller than I look.