6 Ideas for Printed Promotional Merchandise for your Business

14 Jan 2015 6:00 AMFirst Print
6 Ideas for Printed Promotional Merchandise for your Business

There are hundreds of ways to market your business nowadays and branded promotional merchandise should be an important part of your marketing strategy.

Take a look at your desk right now, or the area around you, chances are you have a pen, notepad or mug within eye shot emblazoned with a business logo and contact details, constantly reminding you of their services.

Promotional merchandise is great to give to potential customers after a meeting or at a trade show or exhibition to make sure they remember you. If you offer items that are useful to people they will keep them and use them again and again ensuring that your message lasts longer. What’s more, people will appreciate the gesture of receiving something for free!

First Print offers a range of printed promotional merchandise all of which can be customised with your branding whether it is just a logo and contact details or a more involved design.


As we launch into 2015 why not offer your customers a reason to look at your branding every single day of the year? Calendars are a daily requirement, and if you team up your branding with pleasing imagery you can be sure they will be displayed on desks and in office for the whole year.

We are currently offering a Gold Coast calendar design as an A3 wall calendar or an A5 desk calendar, which can be easily personalised with your branding. Offer your customers the chance to see beautiful shots of the Gold Coast every single day, whilst subtly advertising your business’ services. Alternatively, pick your own theme.


Deskpads are used in many offices as a useful item to quickly jot down notes. I'm typing away on top of one right now! Ensure your logo and contact details are directly within eye sight every time someone looks at their keyboard.


Promotional pens are a low cost way of ensuring your potential clients see your branding every day. People will often carry a pen around with them or have a few to hand at their desk. Personalise pens with your contact details so potential customers can easily contact you.


Remind potential customers of your business’ services every time they have a morning (and afternoon) coffee break! People also often use mugs to store things like pens and stationery clips on their desk – meaning your brand is constantly within eye shot every day.


Promotional magnets are found in nearly every household – every time they reach for the milk they’re reminded of your business and your contact details are never far away – even on the work fridge.


Branded stationery is one of the best ways to increase brand awareness. Notepads are always handy items used daily for shopping lists and taking down messages – ensure your logo and contact details are readily available should prospective customers need to contact you.

With the start of a new year, why not take a fresh approach to your marketing strategy and invest in some promotional items which may stay around a lot longer than a flyer or business card.

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